Safe Parking Program Aims to Protect LA Homeless Community

July 26, 2021

 by Elizabeth Weiler

According to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority January 2018, there are over 15,700 persons living in vehicles each night in LA County. This number represents over 25% of the homeless population of in the County.

The Safe Parking LA project aims to protect those dwelling in their cars, RV’s, vans and campers.

Safe Parking LA was founded in 2016 with the help of local community lot owners. “We support the implementation of ‘Safe Parking Lots’, which provide individuals a safe place to park each night, restroom access, a security guard, and social service resources,” wrote the organization.

Nine sites have opened as of 2019. Hollywood, North Hollywood, Reseda, Echo Park, and West LA all offer safe lots for homeless vehicle owners to reside. These nine sites provide safety for up to 190 vehicles.

LA City Attorney, Mike Feuer fully supports the program and advocated for the program for the homeless community of LA.

Those who take part in the program are also eligible to receive admission to two programs hosted by the office of Mike Feuer.

The two programs, “Heart” and “Clean Slate,” offer participants to resolve certain non-traffic citations, cases and warrants by engaging in services as opposed to doing jail time or paying fees.

All the programs are pathways into housing and providing better outcomes for community members. Applications can be found here: Safe Parking LA.

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